Organisational Communication: Past, Present, Potential

The World Bank had a 5-year Program between 2006 and 2011 called the CommGAP (Communication for Governance and Accountability Program). It was aimed at providing government officials the required assistance to enable them to build “public spheres” on the one hand, and to use communication in governance reform programs. Now, what are public spheres, you… Continue reading Organisational Communication: Past, Present, Potential

Questioning Employee Empowerment

“Having an employment” (Greszler, 2014) is one of the obvious prerequisites of being empowered as an employee. How else does one expect to be empowered in that capacity if not at the place of one’s employ? As such, when Greszler (2014) points out that “the first step toward workplace empowerment is for individuals to have… Continue reading Questioning Employee Empowerment